Luxury flap barrier

Top grade flap barrier

Top grade flap barrier

Product Model: CRA-Y228
Product Description: Top grade flap barrier

CRA-Y228 luxury wing gates, the whole structure of graceful curved surface automotive paint technology pornographic, double waterproof, can be installed in indoor, outdoor, suitable for high traffic parks, railway stations, exhibition halls, stadiums and ...

1 wing gate 304 stainless steel laser molding, cabinet 1.5MM, cover 2.0MM, overall appearance oval;
2 paint to cover the most popular Tyrant gold color, highlight fashion science and technology, based on customer need paint any color,
3 chassis base with black titanium stainless steel base, enhance the overall aesthetic effect
4 wing gate outsourcing silicone layer, multi-clip to prevent people
5 from the control section also take into account the person's treatment to prevent clip, blocking pedestrian traffic after pinch-infrared can swipe their own gate;