Luxury flap barrier

RFID card reader flap turnstile barrier gate

RFID card reader flap turnstile barrier gate

Product Model: CRA-Y231
Product Description: RFID card reader flap turnstile barrier gate



Function and characteristics :

◇304 material ,stainless steel box, box-type l shape, various kinds box appearance can be customized ;

◇ Prompt passage state, clear indication prevailing direction after the turnstile open;

◇Can be setting the turnstile operation state through the small key built-in of main board ;

◇An-ti  pinch ,an-ti  bumps function ,the arm  will open again or the motor will stop if  it reset when meet resistance ;

◇Scour protection function,the arm will be locked  automatically when the open signal is not received ;

◇Automatic reset function:After turnstile opened,not pass within a specified period of time , the system will automatically cancel the

access privileges of users;

◇Out power,swing arm automatically open,arm automatically closed when on line with fire safety requirements;

 ◇Read the card with memory and without memory function:Users can be set using the key board according to their needs;